Advanced Ayurvedic Plan

Google Meet Call : 60 Minutes

A deep understanding of the root cause of your current health challenges will be shared from the Ayurvedic perspective. A holistic plan specially for you will be created after the call. In addition to standard Ayurvedic formulations that will be recommended, you also have access to Dr. Dravid’s super-active herbal extracts. These herbal drops are a speciality of Dr. Dravid’s practice and will be custom formulated specially for you. These herbal extract blends are safe, highly effective and potent, and meticulously prepared  to work at a deep, energetic level of the body and mind.

If indicated, you will be recommended the Ayurvedic BioCleanse protocol (Panchakarma) for deep detox and reset. This program is offered via a network of trusted Ayurveda doctors in India, and will be discussed with you. The Advanced Ayurvedic Plan includes personal access to Dr. Dravid via phone and messaging (3 sessions of 15 minutes each) for guidance regarding your personalized protocol.

  • Cost of Ayurvedic formulations recommended will be billed separately. The total cost will depend on your specific evaluation and will be discussed with you.
  • Cost of Panchakarma BioCleanse, if indicated, will be separate and will require residential stay in India. Details will be shared on call.