Frequently Asked Questions

What is Ayurveda?

Ayurveda is the oldest unbroken living system of Medicine practiced in the world today. It is based on Eternal principles of Natural Law that view the human body as a miniature reflection of the Universe. These laws of healing are codified into an understanding of how human beings fall into ill health, and how to treat them using a judicious combination of diet, lifestyle, behavioral changes, and herbal formulations. Medicines form only a part of treatment.

Is Ayurveda safe? Does it take a long time to feel better?

When correctly followed under the guidance of a good Physician trained in authentic Ayurveda, it is not only safe, but very effective without upsetting the delicate balance of systems in the body. Only safe, tested and trusted formulations are chosen for long lasting relief. It is a myth that Ayurveda works only in chronic cases, or is slow. When correctly applied, the treatment protocols begin to show results immediately. Your path to recovery will depend on how far your disease process has already progressed. Good treatment involves a reversal of the stages back to good health.

Do I need to be vegetarian or have diet restrictions?

In several conditions, a vegetarian diet is advisable as it is light, easily digested, and enhances quick recovery. However, this will be discussed with you during the consult, and sometimes meat is indicated as part of treatment. Dietary changes are an important part of treatment and recovery, and will be advised depending on your condition.

How much does it cost to consult with you?

Please see the consultation page for a breakdown of the plan fee structure. Please note that consultation fees for International clients (outside India) are different from fees for residents of India. All medications (herbal / herbomineral formulations) that are advised will be an extra cost, depending on what is prescribed, and will be shipped directly to you.

Do you see patients in person?

Currently all consultations are online only, via Google Meet video. Followups included in your plan are available via Email or WhatsApp. On a case-by case basis, if further intensive therapies are required, you will be advised to undergo BioCleanse (Panchakarma) procedures. These require residential stay at a facility under guidance.