Health and Wellbeing through Ayurveda

Essential Clarity on the Value of Ayurveda

There is a general lack of education and understanding in modern society about the Wisdom stream known as Ayurveda. This post attempts to shine some light on the subject of the value, and importance of embracing Ayurveda in our human lives. The reason I have called...

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Is Ayurveda a Pseudoscience?

The answer to this loaded question, as with many other hotly debated topics, is "it depends on who you ask". I first heard Ayurveda described as "Consciousness-based Medicine" by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi in one of his discourses that I watched at a small Transcendental...

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Food, Sleep and Sex: The Ayurvedic Tripod of Stability

Long before the three pillar model became a symbol of stability and sustainability, the original geniuses behind the codification of Ayurveda conceived of it as the triad most critical for rock solid health. The three pillars which create a tripod of stability for the...

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