Standard Ayurvedic Plan

Google Meet Call : 50 Minutes

The Standard Ayurvedic Plan is crafted to assist you beyond the foundational practices of Ayurvedic Nutrition and Lifestyle (which are included). Dr. Dravid will create a custom plan for your specific body/mind condition using his decades of experience. This plan is built on the core foundational principles of Ayurveda which integrate an integrated and deep approach to health and well-being. The herbal / herbomineral formulations that will be an important component of your plan are from trusted companies that Dr. Dravid recommends. The Standard Ayurvedic Plan includes 3 follow-ups for any questions that you may have regarding the protocol by Email.

  • Cost of Ayurvedic formulations recommended will be billed separately. The total cost will depend on your specific evaluation and will be discussed with you.