Basic Ayurvedic Plan

Google Meet Call : 30 Minutes

The Basic Ayurvedic  Plan is crafted to teach you how to use the wisdom of  holistic Ayurvedic diet and lifestyle principles for creating a solid foundation of good health using food and lifestyle.

In this program, Dr. Dravid encapsulates the deep  knowledge of Ayurvedic food science along with the ancient principles of daily and seasonal routines to help start your recovery back to good health. You will also be taught good lifestyle practices and rituals to incorporate into your life that go beyond the limited modern understanding of fasting, exercise, sexual health and sleep. Easy-to-follow and effective steps for improving the quality of your sleep, improving emotional regulation and lowering stress will be shared.

If you have health challenges of recent origin, just following this plan can be sufficient to reset the body. For more challenging or long-term concerns, please consider the Standard Ayurvedic Plan .